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Vacation Bible School Coming: August 4-8

Vacation Bible School will be August 4-8 from 9:00-12:00 for children age three through 5th grade. We hope your children, or grandchildren, or great-grandchildren will attend. Please register them in the church office before the end of the month.

Community Fair Will Be August 9

The public and church family invited to the Community Fair on August 9, 5:00-7:00 p.m. This free family-oriented event will have food, games, and fun!

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The UMM’s 9th annual FUN-draiser tournament is Sunday afternoon August 17th at the Michelbook Golf Course in McMinnville. It’s a fun afternoon of games, golf, food and fellowship. In addition to the fun we have that day, one of our key goals is to raise funds that the UMM use throughout the year for the benefit of the church and community. Whether you want to golf, or help volunteer, or be a sponsor, or just want to come join us for the fun and fellowship, please join us.

Click here for a brochure containing more details. We’re always looking for sponsors too. For only $30, you can be the sponsor of one the holes. If you would like to donate a prize, let us know.

27th Annual Transformations Prayer Retreat Dates: September 14-19, 2014 (Sunday – Friday)

The Transformations Prayer Retreat blends contemplation and community. Emphasis is on the communal sharing of the sacraments, along with ample time for the solitude of prayer, meditation, and reflection. Evening programs offer additional resources. Come apart to renew your spirit and re-center yourself through time in Christian community and intentional time with God.
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UMC Market
Read about improvements made to the UMC Market website here.

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